Native American Culture

Native Americans preparing a meal.
Native Americans preparing a meal.

Native Americans were the first people to inhabit not only the Land of Fire, but many of states of California. They had ultimate respect for nature and the spiritual world and lived mostly in peace. But these peaceful, respectful people faced many hardships when the white settlers came from the east. People attempted to exterminate the Native Americans and, also, competition for resources led many native populations to drastically decline. But even with the conflict between the white settlers and the Native Americans, their culture is very present in the Land of Fire today.

  • the Medoc Indians are very prominant in the land
    • they battled white settlers for feedom
      • it was a war external image great_indians_of_california.jpgto prevent their own extermination
    • almost exterminated
      • a few left
    • there was not one cheif but many sporadically throughout the area

  • the Wintu Indians also were present in that land
    • they experienced many difficulties due to competition of resources with

the white settlers
  • they believe in the Great Spirit, the creator of nature
    • respect and appreciation is directed to this figure
  • most adapted well to settlers, but it was the settlers that did not adapt well to the Native Americans
  • they believed in the myth of Mount Shasta
    • believed that it was a lost world similar to Atlantis
      • Lemurian
    • great civilization with gigantic cities
    • blue-skinned people, very big, with a third eye in the back of their head

Even through hardships, Native American culture is an important aspect of Shasta County and the rest of the cities in the Land of Fire. Their beliefs in preserving and protecting Mother Nature has influenced part of the environmental movement. Their art and philosophy has also managed to find its way into our beliefs and creativity. This culture may no longer be as prominant as it used to, but even with few numbers, it still has a large effect on not only the Land of Fire, but on the rest of California and parts of the United States.