Welcome to our Seven States of California class in California Cultural Studies at Sonoma State University Spring Semester 2010!

See our Semester Research Projects about California Culture (pages are listed in the column at left)!

See Photos of our Field Trip to the Sonoma County Museum!

See Photos of our Field Trip to Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve!

See Alex's field trip to Fort Ross on the Sonoma County coast!

See Rachel's field trip to The Rose Parade!


Ambrosia O'Brien, Rachel Lawrence, Alex Powell, and Mimi Burgan

Donald Lockwood, Lauren Wood and Brian Schmidt

Steven Lamont, Mitchell Guiterrez, Ashley Sardina and Kristine Ward

Molly Hass, Raquel Gottfried, Matthew Kellams and Samantha Donaldson

Nicole Broocks, Nicole Bailey, Erin Stovall and Danielle DeLacey
Michael Fajardo, Kalie Miller, Samantha Cole and Simone Yingst
Savanna Valdes, Jared Long, Kristen Johnson and Jeffrey Marshall